Adrian Clark Reunion 2019 

Click any image to enlarge - photos by Gaye Hadley, Article by Adrian Clark

Some 20  met to enjoy the reunion held on Saturday 13th April 2019 at the Club.

 Though more former students of KEGS and the County High School have attended previous events, it was good to see some “new” old faces from both schools this time round, especially Barbara, Andrew, Robert and Charles Sandham. Though Andrew has managed to attend quite a few such gatherings in the past, this was the first time many of us had seen his sister and two brothers for over 50 years.


As often happens and though it should come as no surprise - but always does – I was delighted to meet someone who knew a family who lived across Greenfield Avenue from where I lived prior to the building of the ring road (number 2, on part of which the Club now stands) during most of my time at KEGS.


As always, Tim provided a super buffet which was praised not only by the newcomers but by all of us due to the varied and tasty selection of food. In addition to serving drinks at the bar, Tracey was kind enough to double up as the collector for the most reasonable cost of this feast. I just hope that more of those from either school of my era will come to next year’s lunch as we have already had to bid farewell to Robin Viner who had been a stalwart attender of all previous such occasions.


My thanks go to all those who supported this reunion by coming to Stourbridge from far and wide, to Tracey and Tim for ensuring the guests' well being and to Gaye Hadley whose photographs illustrate this article.


            Adrian Clark    1955 – 1963

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Roger Hadley and Adrian Clark

Janice, Margaret, Paul and Guidance

The Sandham Family: Robert, David, Andrew and his wife, Barbara


Andrew Sandham, Mary Yeates and Chris Brown

Dave James



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