Annual General Meeting 2017 

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The 120th Annual General Meeting of  the Club took place on Monday 4th December 2017. 
President Mike Aston welcomed 26 members - a disappointing attendance.

The Hon. Secretary conveyed the apologies from 14 members who could not attend.


President Mike Aston then reminded members of the members who had sadly passed away since the last AGM in December 2016: Brian Higgs, John Jeavons-Fellows, Jim Dickens, Douglas Taylor, Douglas MacFarlane, Michael Bridge, Roger Cowdry, Harry Clee, Mike Fisher. One minute's silence was observed in their memory. 

The minutes of the last AGM (which had been displayed for some time on the notice board) were accepted and signed off. The Annual Report  and Financial Statements were also accepted.

Appointment of Officers

Mike Aston reflected on his year in Office and thanked the Committee and Members for their support in moving forward on a number of issues.


He then proposed the handing over of the Presidential "mantle" to Vice President Roger Hadley who assumed the Chair with immediate effect.

The new President, Roger Hadley, said how proud he was to be President, and in reference to the now Immediate Past President Mike Aston, said It is only seems recently they were working in adjacent schools in Kinver. He said he has been a member for 10 years and has learnt to appreciate the camaraderie of the Club. He emphasised it is our Club and wants to be part and parcel of keeping it that way. He looked forward to his Presidential year.

The President then introduced his much anticipated successor who would be Vice President during 2018. 


He gave members an insight into the background of the "about to be announced" new Vice President. When he received his CV he said he first thought it was his own. The new Vice President Started in 1958 at KEVI, starting in 1(c) and followed the “shortened route”.

The new Vice President went to work for Griffiths and Pegg, a firm of Accountants in Cradley Heath, and became a partner at a very young age. He also became treasurer of SOEC for 23 years. He is an Honorary Life member and a Trustee of the Club and was Vice Chairman of the Trustees at the College. His wife is Jocelyn, and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. He lists among his hobbies steam trains, football and walking. He is: Brian Arch.


Brian said he was delighted to be considered and assured the attendees that he would use every endeavour to uphold the traditions of the Club.

Nominations for other Officers and Committee members had been on the notice board for more than 3 weeks. Apart from those standing for re-election, no other members had put their names forward to join the Committee and all were re-elected, unopposed. Those elected were: David Burrows (Hon. Treasurer), Alan Roden (Hon. Secretary), John Brown (Hon. Membership Secretary). Other Committee members who had retired by 3-year rotation and were re-elected were: Jem Norris, Paul Thatcher and Kenneth Wright. 

Folkes Worton were reappointed as  Hon. Auditor and Peter Waldron as Hon. Solicitor

Associates Voting Rights Proposals

Proposals had been previously submitted to motion that Associates with more than 3 years membership should be allowed voting rights and also a potential place on the Committee if so elected, but with ownership of the Club's assets and direction resting with Old Edwardians. Old Edwardians would always be in the majority.


The President gave the background scenario of  the growing importance of Associates to the membership (nearly 20% of members are Associates) in the face of declining Old Edwardian membership with little propensity for College leavers to join the Club.

A lively discussion ensued with various positives and concerns. In view of the diverse opinions, the President elected to take away the considerations, for discussion by the Committee,  and return with a revised proposal at a future date.


Jim Higgs proposed a  vote of thanks for the Committee for their work over the previous 12 months. He referred to the wonderful fellowship of the Club, but the challenging times we face now that Society seems to be moving away from a "Club culture" . He cited the times when we had more than 800 members, to the current membership of less than 300.

Jim went on to thank Roger Hadley as the new President for taking on the role in this challenging era and wished him well in the next 12 months.

The President thanked the attendees for coming and for their contributions which will be discussed in full.  



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