Annual Dinner 2018 

47 members and guests attended the 106th Annual Dinner on Friday 5th October 2018.

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Guests of Honour

The President's Honoured guests this year were:

  • College Principal Remley Mann and her husband Eamon

  • Professor David Walker - President of the Old Foleyans Association

  • Head of the College Trustees Alan Cutler

  • Rodney Stroud of Clent Hills Vets

Pre-Dinner Refreshments

The snooker hall was laid out in banqueting style for the dinner, freeing the main bar for pre-dinner drinks and discussion.

President Roger Hadley with College Principal Remley Mann and Eamon
Ken Cowdry and Professor David Walker
Alan Roden, Alan Cutler and
Siward and Margaret James-Moore
Vice President Brian Arch and Jocelyn

At 7.30 pm sharp, master of ceremonies Paul Thatcher , resplendent in his Tuxedo, banged his gavel authoritatively and called the attendees to dinner. 

MC and "gavel master" Paul Thatcher

The proceedings commenced with Clive Bowen-Davies saying an improvised Grace, the scene was set for dinner to be served, and the ordered wine was at the ready to wash it down satisfactorily  

This year, as is the custom, roast beef and all the trimmings were the main course. It was preceded by a starter of Chicken Liver Pâté.  A dessert of fresh fruit salad and ice-cream was followed by a hefty Cheeseboard and biscuits, all rounded off by coffee and mints.

As usual, Tim's exemplary culinary skills were complemented by efficient service of Tracey and her staff.


After dinner it was time for the toasts with the proposers being Paul Thatcher (HM The Queen);  In Piam Memoriam Edwardi Sexti (Alan Cutler); The Club (Vice President Brian Arch); The School, College, Governors and Trustees (President Roger Hadley); and our Guests (David Trewin).


There were detailed responses to the latter three by  President Roger Hadley; College Principal Remley Mann and by the guest speaker Rodney Stroud.


Remley advised us of changes at the College including renaming the blocks of the College after those who had proven records of assisting those at the School / College. So we now have the Daisy Druller building - many of us remember being taught and looked after by Daisy .

She  continued that theme and spoke about the opportunity we have to help and guide young people throughout their lives - both in formal education and outside.

Rodney, of Clent Hills Vets, spoke about his love of cycling, dating from his school days. He talked eloquently about his knowledge  of the history of the Tour de France cycling marathon. He included a lot of knowledge not normally known about the personalities such as Tommy Simpson, Eddie Mercx, and Lance Armstrong and some of the rules and regulations and how they have changed over the years.

Both presentations were most informative and very well received.

The President concluded the very enjoyable event by thanking all for attending and those who had contributed to its success both verbally and in the catering.

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Photos and words by Alan Roden


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