Boar's Head Supper - Friday December 23rd 2016

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On Friday December 23rd 2016, The Club held its 105th Boar's Head Supper in Celebration of the ancient Tradition which only a handful of organisations still observe. This may have  been our best attended Boar's Head supper yet - estimated between 80 and 100 people.

Click below for more details of the Tradition History. Also the history and words of the Carol itself - including a mention for SOEC.

​We were especially delighted to Welcome Sarah Jacobs (Chair of KEVI College Students Union) and her friend Dan. This is probably the first time that an  existing Chair of the Students Union has ever attended this event.
We thoroughly enjoyed their company (and it brought down the average age of attendees - a trend which we hope will continue!). Sarah is kindly currently working with us on relevant ties between the College and the Club and guidance from a student perspective of how we might move forward into the future.
Srah and Dan with VP Roger Hadley

Sarah and Dan with VP Roger Hadley


As usual, Rosanne Norris had done  a superlative job in preparing and decorating the boar's head (well, pig's head nowadays) . She tells us she always has two pig's heads - one which she decorates and the other from which the brawn is obtained. The recipe is roughly based on one by  Mrs Beeton.There's a lot of boiling. She said this year the brawn set so  well, it set even before she could get it in the fridge.

Apparently she always tells the butcher to select the most "good looking" one for the parade in the Club!

Meanwhile, as is the custom, members of the Committee were busy more than an hour before the event, attired in bright Festive gear and filled the rolls using the beef and brawn as provided by Tim  and Rosanne.

Early access to the food gave the opportunity for several iterations of tasting before they were stacked for the attendees!

This year we were lucky to have the services of the Tony Bridgewater trio.


Tony is an KEVI old boy himself and they did a masterful job (especially  given the noisy attendees) of playing  seasonal music with Carols being sung along the way.

Meanwhile in the entrance hall, Immediate Past President John Yeates was doing a sterling job collecting contributions from those entering.

The Main Bar area was absolutely rammed to capacity which indicates the ongoing interest in this traditional event.

"Gotta pick a pocket or two.."

The Boar's Head Carol

The President provided all the attendees with copies of the Boar's Head Carol and there was much pre-procession contemplation of the words and music:

​Subsequently a pathway was made through the crowded bar area in prepartion for the Boar's Head Party - consisting of members of the Committee.

The Hon. Secretary called the members and guests to order, the "band" struck up and the procession came in from the Memorial Room, headed by Vice President Roger Hadley with a new innovation to the proceedings - a pot of mustard which apparently was part of the original tradition. The President followed with the heavy boar's head on the plate and  the Committee followed in good voice, encouraging those present to join in.

Then before eating commenced, the President wished everyone a warm welcome and thanked all those for making it possible - particularly Rosanne for the Boar's Head, Tim and Tracey for the pre-preparation of all the food, the Committee for filling and preparing the rolls, and the Tony Bridgewater trio for the seasonal music most of the evening.

Consuming The Feast

......Steady On .......

All Gone!

The 50-Club Lottery "Live"

Clive Bowen-Davies brought the full monty (i.e. balls, drum  - for the visual benefit of the attendees).

He was ably assisted by Joyce Aston (the President's wife) who drew balls that made 4 people happy.

Members of the Committee  quickly delivered the trays of Beef and Brawn Rolls to the awaiting members and guests. 

These were supplemented by a number of trimmings - cheeses, pickled onions, pickled walnuts and so on.

It was a great evening, very well attended and the time was well publicised in our local Press, Stourbridge News.



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