Boar's Head Supper 2017 

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On Saturday  23rd December 2017, the Club held  its  106th Boar's Head supper - which only a handful of organisations still observe.
Some 60 or so members and guests attended - a reduction in numbers compared with the record breaking  number of last year for a variety of reasons.

Also as normal, the same Committee members were to be seen in an array of festive aprons to bring even more joy to the celebrations.

Meanwhile, in the entrance hall, immediate Past President Mike Aston did a magnificent job in both arranging the collection and in protecting it from any abuse....

As is the custom, members of the Committee prepared the beef and brawn rolls for delivery, subsequent to Tim's carving and cooking skills.

At approximately 7.55 pm, those Committee members present assembled in the Memorial Room, in preparation for the formal procession of the Boar's Head.

Club Hon. Secretary Alan Roden requested a clear passage to be made inside the Club to accommodate  the procession and avoid any potential mishaps whilst the heavy Boar's Head was due to be carried.

President Roger Hadley led the procession into the main bar, followed by Vice President Brian Arch with the pot of mustard (a new custom introduced by last year's President) and the rest of those Committee members present.

After the formal entrance, the President welcomed those present and gave  special thanks  to Rosanne Norris for her magnificent preparation of the boar's head - a true work of art - and to Tim and Tracey and their staff for the catering.  


He went on to mention the comments  of  those from another Old Edwardian Club in Birmingham who had decided to close their Club and who had told him we are so lucky - and they did not know the real value of what they had until they had it no more. Accordingly he hoped that people would use our Club more into the future and also appreciate what we have.

The next item on the agenda was for Clive Bowen-Davies to perform the monthly draw of the 50Club Lottery.


He was ably assisted by the President's wife who was in charge of drawing the  balls and Jem Norris who was standing by as the recorder to see fair play was done. 

Upon drawing the second prize of £50, the President's wife was greeted by several cries of "fix" - matched only by the obvious elation of the winner.

Everyone then enjoyed the buffet of beef and brawn rolls , cheeses, pickles and accompaniments.

We were entertained by a talented young musician, Elliot Hinton , playing  a variety of classical and seasonal background tunes.



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