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On Monday 20th November 2017, the annual Committee Dinner took place at the Club, hosted by the President. This is the culmination of the Committee's  engagement over the past year and a chance to share the final dinner with the existing President.

Immediate Past President John Yeates was the Chairman for the evening, which commenced with Vice President Roger Hadley saying Grace.

14 of the current 16 General Committee members were able to attend as shown in the photograph above.

Dinner comprised goujons of sole, baked ham with madeira sauce, followed by treacle tart and custard and a good selection of cheese.  

Tim's food was generous in terms of both quality and quantity and was served efficiently by Tracey and her staff as always.

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The meal  was washed down with generous quantities of fine wines to accompany relevant parts of the proceedings.


The toasts proposed were "Her Majesty The Queen" - The President; "In Piam Memoriam Edwardi Sexti" - Alan Roden; and "The Club" - the President.

After dinner, the President addressed those present to express his pleasure in carrying out the role of President for the past 11 months and thanked everyone for their support, help and advice during this period.

Clive Bowen-Davies responded on behalf of the Committee in praise of the most pro-active way that the President has effected his year "in office" with many positive actions being undertaken as a result. All were in full agreement, thanking the President for his excellent leadership and also management of the Committee.

The President concluded by thanking all present for attending and Tim, Tracey and their staff for preparing and delivering the wonderful dinner.

Thanks were also given to Alan Cutler for selecting the wine and helping with the material and preparations for the event. 



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