Extraordinary General Meeting - October 7th 2019 

(Photos by David Trewin - click any image to enlarge)

An Extraordinary General Meeting was called on Monday October 7th to discuss and approve (or otherwise) the principle of Associates being represented on the Committee - in time to action this at the coming Annual General Meeting should it pass.
This follows up a previous online survey which confirmed most  members were in fav our of the motion.
A disappointing number of  18 voting members attended the event but the procedures were followed in line with the Bylaws.

A lively discussion ensued - chaired by the President - with cases being put forward on a number of fronts. The importance of Associates to the Club was generally acknowledged.

After the discussion concluded, The President formally called the voting members to vote on the motion. The outcome was that  17 voted in favour and only 1 voted against - well exceeding the 66% required of those present and voting to pass it.


A further vote was taken on proposed changes to the Bylaws to make them  more concise and to eliminate superfluous words and sections of previous editions without changing the legal context. This was unanimously passed by all voting members present


  • With immediate effect, up to 2 elected Associates are entitled to take their place on the Committee - the first election to be taken during the Annual General Meeting on  2nd December 2019.

  • In the Committee context only, such Associates will have the same contribution, procedural and voting rights and privileges as any other member of the General Committee. 

  • Up to 2 places will always be reserved on the Committee should any Associates wish to be nominated and elected to these positions.

  • Should one or both places not be sought nor taken up by Associates at any AGM their remaining reserved places may be taken by Old Edwardian voting members for that year.

  • Should more Associates wish to apply for election than there are places available (up to 2) a ballot will be taken at the AGM to confirm the successful candidate(s) prior to electing voting members to the rest of the Committee (which will also be subject to ballot should applicants exceed the available remaining places for voting members).

  • These 2 positions will always be available in any one year (starting from an AGM) as one third of the Committee must resign by rotation prior to each AGM - prior to seeking re-election if so desired.

  • The Bylaws have been duly scrutinised by our Honorary Solicitor Peter Waldron and may be found by clicking HERE.


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