An Evening of John Denver

Saturday February 25th 2017

An Evening of John Denver

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Vice President Roger Hadley (in the President's absence) welcomed around 30 members and guests to our Evening of John Denver on Saturday February 25th 2017.

Roger said he was associated with John Denver - he knew one of the guitarists in his band - and looked forward to a most enjoyable evening.

Our entertainers for the evening were our own Paul Thatcher and John Harris aka "Scratch Allis".

They were asked where the name "Scratch Allis" came from and insight was provided based on school days.

Paul's "Scratch" came from nickname "scratcher" from "Thatcher".

John's was entertainingly factual - those who were at KEVI when R.L. Chambers was headmaster will remember RLC had difficulty sounding his H's and always sounded his R's as "L's". Hence he called John "Allis" instead of "Harris".

Paul and John gave a great insight into John Denver's life, career, songs and the many albums he made during his long career before his untimely death in his private aeroplane accident.

We were entertained with renditions of many of John Denver's better known songs, and some not so well known but favourites of Paul and John.

Later in the evening, they treated us to their version of the Everly Brothers' "Let it be me" in celebration of the imminent Golden Wedding anniversary of John and his wife Chris. All of us wish them both well with many congratulations.

The evening concluded with "Take me home Country roads" and everyone joined in.

​As usual, Tim provided a splendid buffet and a good time was had by all.

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