Charter Day Lunch 2019

Saturday June 15th 2019

Charter Day Lunch 2019

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A very healthy number of 28 Members and guests attended the 2019 celebrations of the anniversary of the granting of the charter to KEVI School Stourbridge.

Attendees came from as far away as Cheshire and even California!

Our honoured guests this year were:

Mrs Remley Mann (Principal KEVI College) and her husband Eamon, Mr. John Hodt (Chair of Governors), Mr. Myles Manders-Young (Chair of Students Union) and Mr. Alan Cutler (Head of KEVI College Trustees).

We were delighted that they all gave up their time to be with us.

Attending also was Mr. David Johnson (a past Chair of Governors) so we took the opportunity to capture them all together to emphasise our own valued relationship with the College.

President Brian Arch thanked everyone for attending, with a special welcome for the honoured guests. He then said Grace and the lunch was set.

Tim, as usual for Charter Day, prepared a magnificent feast as regards both quality and quantity and no-one could complain of "going hungry".

The menu listing shown does not do justice to the wide range of delicious meats, salads, and multiple accompaniments that were served in succession by Tracey and her staff .

All were washed down most agreeably by the included white wine which was also put to good effect during the various toasts.

The magnificent catering team was also a family affair as, in addition to Tim and Tracey, Sam (Tim's nephew) did a great job making sure all our needs were attended to.


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