Committee Dinner 2019

Monday November 18th 2019

Committee Dinner 2019

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The Committee Dinner 2019 (for the Committee to celebrate the very successful Presidential year of Brian Arch) was attended by all the Committee except (in absentia) Andrew Taplin and Peter Waldron. Alan Cutler was also invited in view of his massive contributions throughout the year as our master vintner and organiser of various dinners.

Vice-President Rob Hill kicked off the proceedings by saying Grace.

The menu this time, specially chosen by President Brian Arch, was a total change to tradition.

It was one of Tim's most magnificent curries which was a delight to consume in both quality and quantity - efficiently served by Tracey and staff as always.

An alternative of soup and fish was on hand for those not keen on the taste and potential after affects of Eastern fayre......

The fine meal was washed down with excellent wine and port. Toasts were proposed to royalty past and present (The Queen - Brian Arch; and the boy king - Clive Bowen-Davies).

President Brian Arch proposed the toast "to the Club" and then continued to reflect on his year in Office.

It had been a good year, moving forward with a number of repairs, an Extraordinary General meeting which sanctioned up to 2 Associate members on the Committee and more.

Clive Bowen-Davies, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the President for his considerable contribution - a sentiment echoed by all.

The President, as is customary, then revealed the next Vice President - which will be announced more generally at the upcoming AGM on December 2nd.

The evening concluded with Clive Bowen-Davies asking the President to press the random number generator to select the winners of the November 50 Club draw - one of which was Roger Hadley, Immediate Past President, ..... again!


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