The Great War Part 1 (1914-1916)

Friday June 15th 2018

The Great War Part 1 (1914-1916)

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Past President Kenneth Wright is an acknowledged military historian.

He is the founder of our Trench Raiders Concert Party and also conducts his own visits to battlefields in Europe .

On 15th June, Kenneth addressed some 30 members and guests the topic of the first 2 years of WW1.

President Roger Hadley welcomed all those attending to what promised to be a most informative night covering the period 1914-1916.

It was to be the first of two presentations to be given by Kenneth (the next covering 1917 - 1919 on Friday 23rd November).

It was clear that Kenneth had put an immense amount of work into the preparation of this talk. He supplied each of the attendees with a booklet about the talk. It included a list of WW1 casualties who had attended KEVI school, a chronology of events leading to the outbreak of war and a number of relevant maps and photographs depicting the progress of the war.

He also brought some of his impressive collection of artefacts to illustrate his talk. Such examples were "cut through" sections of shrapnel shells and hand grenades and a map showing the location of the trenches.

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Kenneth's talk lasted a compelling 80 minutes or so and, impressively, referring to a minimum of notes.

The time seemed to fly be as his talk was full of interesting facts and figures, not only about the Great War itself, but about individuals who had attended KEVI school, served in it and their fate.

Various photographs of relevant monuments, memorial stained glass windows and statues were passed round.

Kenneth received resounding applause on conclusion of his fascinating talk. The evening concluded with a buffet.

Remember to put the date in your diary for the Kenneth's final talk on Friday November 23rd, covering the final years 1917-1919.