The Great War Part 2 (1917-1919)

Friday April 5th 2019

The Great War Part 2 (1917-1919)

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On Friday evening 5th April, Kenneth Wright gave the second of his two presentations on the Great War and with particular reference to the men who served in that conflict, were casualties of it and who had been ‘old boys’ of KEVI school.

This second presentation related to the years 1917 -1919.

President Brian Arch gave an introduction to Kenneth and welcomed some 30 members and guests.

Kenneth of course is a Past President of the Club and an acknowledged military historian with knowledge and expertise on both world wars but with particular interest in the first world war, in which his grandfather served.

He conducts visits to the battlefields in Europe of both the world wars and is the founder of our ‘Trench Raiders Concert Party’.

Kenneth spoke non-stop with amazing fluency for nearly two hours, including questions, to an enthralled audience. His talk was scholarly, extremely well researched and absolutely fascinating.

It dealt with the background and progress of the war during the latter period and referred in some detail to each ‘old boy’ who had died in the conflict and those who had succumbed to wounds or the effects of war in the succeeding years. Most of the names mentioned appear on the memorials in the School Hall and many are recognisable as local Stourbridge family names.

The discourse included a continuous slide presentation of photographs, which related to the events and personnel referred to. Kenneth had also produced a booklet giving facts about the war and including a list of the ‘old boy’ casualties, which was provided to each of those attending.

Kenneth had brought with him a number of artefacts and maps from his collection, which were on display and used to further illustrate his talk. As on the previous occasion, Kenneth received well deserved and resounding applause at the conclusion of his talk and again following questions.

The evening concluded with Tim’s usual splendid buffet.


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