Turkey Snooker Handicap 2019

Wednesday December 4th 2019

Turkey Snooker Handicap 2019

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The annual snooker tournament of fun and expectation to win the turkey was set for Wednesday December 4th 2019. It was, as usual, particularly well attended.

It is a competition like no other where handicaps are awarded by lot after the individual matches have been played and bear no correlation to players' abilities.

The tournament commenced at 7pm prompt with everything to play for with two competitions taking place in parallel: for the eventual winner of a voucher to acquire meat / turkey from a local butcher; and
a "plate" competition for the losers of the first round.

Contestants were locked in good humoured battle from the off, with their fate ultimately being decided on the opening of envelopes to determine their "handicap by lot" during the fight for the turkey.

The losers of the first round who automatically entered the "plate" completion for Tim's magnificent pie (the real prize) had the luxury of playing their normal game without the uncertainty of their handicaps being drawn after their games.

Spectators collected in the lounge, eagerly awaiting their turn to play or joining in the fun and supporting (or otherwise) those who were progressing in the completion.

The final for "the turkey" was between Sam Ball and Stewart Barclay (refereed by Gavin Dunn); and the "plate" final for the pie was between Andy Pitt and Jack Ball (refereed by Steve Ball).

Sam Ball emerged victorious in the "Turkey" competition and brother Jack Ball won his match for Tim's pie.

Stewart Barclay won the bottle of Scotch for being runner up in the Turkey competition.

Sam Ball also won the prize (bottle of sherry) for the highest break (27).

Newly elected President Rob Hill was on hand to present the prizes - except for the magnificent pie (which of course Tim presented).

Special thanks must go to Jem Norris for organising the whole event so effectively.

Additional thanks of course to Tim for not only providing the pie but also for providing excellent refreshments - including the most luscious pork baps ever to be tasted in Stourbridge!

A great time was had by all - especially by the Ball family who carried off the turkey, the pie and a bottle of sherry to wash down the Christmas dinner (presumably to be shared with father Steve Ball and brother Brett Ball who also took part)!

For posterity, the "routes to the prizes" are indicated below.


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