Past Presidents' Dinner 2018 

Words and photos by David Trewin - click any image to enlarge

The annual Past Presidents’ Dinner was held on Monday evening 5th November 2018 in the Memorial Room at the Club. It was attended by 16 past presidents and the evening was chaired by John Yeates, standing in for the Immediate Past President Mike Aston who was unable to be present. The current Club President Roger Hadley was guest of honour.

An apposite Grace was given by John Harris prior to commencement of the meal.

As always a sumptuous repast was provided by Tim and served with aplomb by Tracy and Mandy, consisting of a starter of smoked Whisky Mac with toasted fruit loaf and main course of roast leg of pork with the seasonal vegetables, followed by a groaning cheeseboard and fruit platter.  Elegant wines and Port had been selected by Alan Cutler.

John Edwards proposed the loyal toast immediately followed by the toast to the founder of our alma mater – the boy king, Edward VI, given by Alan Cutler.


Paul Thatcher gave an erudite reminiscence of presidents past and proposed the toast to ‘absent friends’.


Finally, the President sang for his supper and provided a brief address outlining the activities of his year and the prevailing state of the club, which he considered to be sound and in good heart and he concluded with the closing toast of the evening to the ‘The Club”.

A splendid and convivial evening was enjoyed by all.


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