Photos and words by David Trewin - (click any image to enlarge).

The Club provided an excellent venue for the annual President's evening, held this year on Saturday 12th August and which had sold out 2 weeks in advance.

 Foregathering and Reception 

Following foregathering and reception in the bar area for pre-prandial drinks, the assembled company was invited to proceed to the dining tables set out in the Snooker Hall.
During the reception and for the first part of the meal, background musical accompaniment was provided by the Tony Bridgwater Trio, who played a light classical repertoire, which was easy to listen to and provided a pleasant and relaxing ambience to commence and set the tone of the evening.
The President, Mike Aston, in a short speech, welcomed eighty members, guests and friends. 

David Johnson then gave a witty and amusing grace. This was the signal to partake in the “Royal Buffet”, prepared in style by our chef, Tim Purslow.

 The Meal 

The buffet as usual was magnificent and included a specially prepared fresh salmon with fine accompaniments including varieties of prawn and also mussels, which formed the centerpiece to a table groaning with cold meats, quiches and all kinds of salads.  As if this was not enough to sate all appetites, three types of sweet were available and a selection of cheese, rounded off by coffee and mints.

 After-Dinner Entertainment 

Following this sumptuous repast, entertainment was provided by local comedian, Dougie (you don’t have to be blue to be funny) Parker, who was as funny as ever, with his continuous observational humour, jokes and patter and kept the room filled with laughter for almost an hour.


As is his style, he picked out certain members of the audience to be the subject of his humour and on this occasion chose Ron and Jan Clements who gracefully and enthusiastically entered in to the repartee.

An exceptional and memorable evening was greatly enjoyed by all.


In conclusion the President thanked all for coming and gave further thanks to Tim for the superb buffet, to Tracy and her helpers for their efficient and seamless service and to Jem Norris and the social team for all their efforts in preparing and setting up the event.

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