St. David's Day Dinner 2017

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Around 40 members and guests attended  Stourbridge Old Edwardian  Club on the evening of Wednesday 1st March 2017 for the usual evening of fun, merriment and good food to celebrate St. David's Day.  
The Druids appeared on top table - consisting of  Bob Lloyd-Jones (organiser and Chief Druid), Mike "Dafydd" Lewis, John Devine and "guest" druids David Winterford and  Vice President  Roger Hadley.
The evening quickly got under way  with singing both English and Welsh National anthems (aided by words for the latter in Welsh for the many who needed it!).

Bob Lloyd-Jones welcomed all attending and thanked the English contingent especially for attending to "get the numbers up". 

He referenced that the President Mike Aston had sent apologies and wished us well  (had a better offer on holiday in Mexico) but Vice President Roger Hadley was there to ably represent him.

As is customary the relative England and Wales rugby performance was observed and Bob directed there should be ".. no gloating".

Grace was said by Arwyn Thomas and it was time for dinner to be served. 


Special attention should be drawn to the most select choice of wine and soft drinks referenced above, as an alternate to the Club's usual fayre.

Significant input was provided at various times by the Welsh contingent during dinner, in song, "Calon Lan", and various references to Dylan Thomas and  the Aberfan disaster.

After Dinner

In addition to his welcome interjections during pauses in the dinner, the inimitable Mike "Dafydd" Lewis came alive with his own special brand of satire and humour which was much enjoyed by all. 

The evening concluded with John Devine leading the enthusiastic singing of  "We'll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside .." followed by Eli Jenkins' Prayer.

Thanks were extended to Tim for the magnificent dinner; to Tracey and her staff for its efficient delivery; for the various contributions and Mike Lewis's entertainment;  and of course to Bob Lloyd-Jones for organising the entire event.  The effort in preparation of the room, supplementary event sheets, daffodils, leeks  and decor was clearly considerable and appreciated.



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