FAST TRACK Student Membership Application 


Students of KEVI College, Stourbridge can register online for FREE membership of SOEC until age 21.


BUT you are not eligible to be a member until you are age 18 or more. So please do not apply unless you are within 3 months of your 18th birthday or are about to leave the College imminently.

Otherwise, complete the form to the right - and don't forget to click the Submit button when you have finished.

Note  on the form, for State insert County and for City, Town or City where you live. It is American software!


  1. You will not be offered membership until you are aged 18.

  2. You MUST apply while still at College so we can validate your Student ID with the College.

  3. If you do not apply while still at College then you will subsequently need to complete a general application which will require you to obtain  both proposer and seconder from existing SOEC Members.