Turkey "Gobblers" Snooker Handicap 2017 

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Wednesday,  December 13th was the date set  for contestants to "do battle"  in competing  for the annual turkey prize.  It is a competition like no other  where handicaps are awarded  by lot after the individual matches have been played and bear no correlation to players' abilities.  

The tournament commenced at 7pm prompt with everything to play for with two competitions taking place in parallel:

  1. For the eventual winner of a £35 voucher to acquire meat / turkey from a local butcher.

  2. A "plate" competition for the losers of the first round.

Turkey Competition

Route to the final

After some rounds of friendly, keenly contested frames - and elation / deflation after opening the handicap envelopes -the final was set between Ed Davies and League team captain Chris Cowley. 

Referee Simon Tyler tossed the coin to decide who would break-off.

Both players are of the best in the Club and onlookers were treated to an enjoyable match.

Although Chris won on the scoreboard, the relevant handicaps selected in the envelopes mitigated against him.


At the final reckoning Ed just managed to squeeze past him by a few points. 

President Roger Hadley duly presented the trophy to Ed, along with his £35 voucher for the turkey.

Plate Competition

Chris had the bottle of whisky as runner up.

The final of Tim's plate competition (first round losers) was between Andrew Taplin and Stewart Barclay. 

Steward Tim personally presented the winner with his prize - a magnificent game pie - which was proudly displayed to all present.

The prize for the highest break of the night (26) was presented to Chris Cowley.

The President thanked everyone for attending, Tim for his prize and also the supply of hamburgers, and Jem Norris for organising the event.


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