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The Fifty Club is a monthly draw whereby all people who have elected to be a  paid up "member of the 50-Club" have their names entered in the monthly draw to win prizes ranging from  £50 to £100.


The draw has already raised in excess of  £12,000 for the Club - and appropriate winnings for the winners.  This very  important source of revenue will help to ensure the continuation of the high Standards of the Club  facilities.


The draw itself takes place each month  on the  evening of the main committee meeting. Each share is represented by a numbered table tennis ball, the full series of which is displayed in sequence prior to the draw. Alternatively, for less formal occasions, we use a random number generator computer programme.


As each ball or number is  drawn, the number is called out and the matching name announced. The lucky winners are promptly sent a cheque.

Join the Lottery

Download the 50 Club Application Form, fill in the Standing Order Mandate and return it to the club for processing.




Alternatively, a cheque for £60.00 would secure 12 months inclusion in the draw. 


This should be made payable to "The Stourbridge Old Edwardian Fifty Club", and returned to:

Clive Bowen-Davies

Stourbridge Old Edwardian Club,

Drury Lane,


West Midlands.


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