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SOEC has an active Golf Society which all members are eligible to join. It was originally formed in the 1960s.

Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Enville and  Churchill and Blakedown members  joined with a predominance of the latter.  A close  association between the Golf Club and the Society is still  flourishing today. Golf matches at Blakedown and snooker matches  at the Old Ed Club are held annually.

Trophies to be contested by members were presented   by the  officers of the Society - and added to over the years. 
In latter years annual tours have been inaugurated, originally in  England and  Wales, but more recently on the continent.

Today the Society is thriving with  enthusiastic members, an enterprising committee and a fine fixture list.

All enquiries about the Golf Society should be addressed to the Secretary Martin Timmins:
Tel: 01562 884070
Mobile: 07976 565839
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