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Venue  Hire and Catering Enquiries

Please  contact our stewards Tim and Tracey directly on  01384- 395635 during licensing hours as they handle all bookings.

Do not email the club as the responses will not be monitored.

                 Sports Membership Enquiries
                    Please contact those below directly.
         Do not   fill in the enquiry forms or email the club as that would not be monitored.

Ian Marshall    Phone: 01384 77716 (business)  or  email 
Martin Timmins     Phone 01562 884070 or email


Tim Purslow (steward)  Phone 01384 395635

SOEC Membership and Related Enquiries

Please  complete the online form below and click submit to send a message directly to our Honorary Membership Secretary for non sports related issues.   

Do NOT use this form for queries about Golf, Rifle and Snooker societies as it would be unanswered - but refer to the contacts in the Sports Section .

Do not email the club as the responses will not be monitored.

Feedback  Questions For the Committee

The purpose of this section is for current members to pose questions or offer feedback  to the Club on a range of issues other than membership issues. Issues concerning membership will not be addressed here and the specific membership issues form as above  should be completed - which finds its way directly to the Hon. Membership Secretary.

Once logged, the issues will be  discussed at the General Committee or, if deemed to be urgent, will be passed on to the relevant functional heads.

The process is  to complete the electronic form below - and click "Submit".  The progress and resolution of the issues will be available for viewing on the issues log for general viewing by CLICKING HERE>>  .
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