General Membership


There is just one membership application form which applies to all of full voting members, country voting members, junior members and associate members.


The membership application form needs to be completed and then proposed and seconded by existing voting members .  

If this is impractical, please contact the Hon. Membership Secretary to progress your interest.

Student Membership


KEVI College students (age 18 and over) are offered a special membership which fast tracks their junior FREE  membership through an on-line process without the need for proposing and seconding by existing voting members.


Eligibility is validated via their Student ID and their application must be made whilst still at College. If they attain age 18 whilst at College they may enjoy full membership benefits from that time even though they are strictly not yet "Old Edwardians".

What Happens Next?


  • After submitting your application, it is posted on the Club notice board for a week.

  • The Membership Secretary then presents it to  the General Committee for full approval. You will be informed of the outcome shortly afterwards

  • Upon receipt of the required remittance (if any), you will then be a formal member.


  • The whole process may take up to 6 weeks (depending on circumstances) but is usually less.