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The Edwin Newton Braizer  Rifle Range, which the Stourbridge Old Edwardian Rifle Club uses,  is  approved for rifles using pistol calibres, .22 rifles of various types and air pistol  and all members would be  able to shoot up to .44 calibre rifle with pistol calibres as well as the .22 rim fire rifle.  


Shoots are held on a Wednesday evening from 7.30 p.m. and Thursday from 8pm onwards at the Range in Porlock Road, Stourbridge.

For those interested in trying their hand, the range has capacity for up to four shooters at any one time on either 25 yards, .22 rim fire rifle points or on 20 yards pistol points. The club holds a number of rifles and pistols of various calibres, namely .22 rim fire (Left and right handed), .38 special, .357,  and .44  that new and existing members  can use,  so even if you are new to the sport we should be able to cater for most. 

We are normally able to field  a number of teams  in .22 light weight sporting rifle league,  bench rest competitions  in  fullbore / centre fire rifle in the  Midland  Leagues. 


We run an annual membership scheme and a probationary period for new members.

Ammunition and weapons are available for non license holders upon joining.

Should you wish to visit us at the range and have a look at the facilities we can provide, you are welcome to join us on any Wednesday evening from 7.30 p.m. onwards or by contacting the Rifle Club Secretary as  below.

Should any persons wish to come and indulge please contact: Secretary:  Ian Marshall
01384 77716 (Business)
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