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To be booked in advance through the Club:

Mussels Lunches
  • Friday 17th May

Fish and Steak Evenings
  • TBA

SOEC Upcoming Events  for Members and Guests

  • Wednesday 24th April:          Ludlow Races

  • Friday 10th May:                    Select-8-Lunch

  • Friday 7th June:                     Casablanca Film

  • Saturday 15th June:              Charter Day Lunch

  • Monday 22nd July:                Centenary Founders Dinner

  • Friday 9th August:                 Select-8-Lunch

  • Friday 6th September:           Lunchtime Talk with Buffet - Arnold Homer

  • Friday 4th October:                Annual Dinner

  • Tuesday 22nd October:         Trafalgar Day Lunch

  • Friday 1st November:            Lunchtime Talk with Buffet - Dr. David Cox

  • Monday 4h November:          Past Presidents' Lunch

  • Friday 8th November:            Select-8-Lunch

  • Monday 18th November:       Committee Dinner

  • Monday 2nd December:         Annual General Meeting

  • Monday 23rd December:        Boar's Head Supper


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