Our Social Committee organises wide-ranging events throughout the year covering everything from dinners to site visits to entertainment in the Club

to presentations on topics of interest ...

Steak and Fish Evenings: TBA

Mussels Lunches: TBA

Events  at the Club  Available to Some or all Members:
Please note some of the below may be subject to change.

Monday 26th July:                   Centenary Founders Dinner

Saturday 4th September:       President's Evening

Tuesday 7th September:         SOEC Ladies Lunch (contact Joyce Aston ‭01384 393886‬)

Friday 8th October:                 Annual Dinner

Thursday 21st October:           Trafalgar Day Dinner

Tuesday 26th October:            Quiz Night with Russell Johnson

Monday 1st November:           Past Presidents' Dinner

Thursday 18th November:     SOEC Ladies Lunch (contact Joyce Aston ‭01384 393886‬)

General Bookings at the Club

Monday 19th July:                 Monday Club Dinner

Wednesday 21st July:             General Committee

Thursday 22nd July:              Brierley Hill 41 Club Dinner

Friday 30th July:                    Conservative Ladies Lunch

Saturday 31st July:                 Private Lunch

Friday 6th August:                Select-8-Lunch

Wednesday 11th August:       Hagley Ladies Tangent Lunch

Monday 16th August:            Monday Club Dinner

Wednesday 18th August:      General Committee

Thursday 26th August:         Brierley Hill 41 Club Dinner

Friday 27th August:               Conservative Ladies Lunch

Wednesday 8th Sep:             Offsite meeting

Tuesday 14th Sep:                  Hagley Ladies Tangent Lunch

Tuesday 14th Sep:                  Investment Club

Wednesday 15th Sep:            General Committee

Monday 20th Sep:                 Monday Club Dinner

Thursday 23rd Sep:               Brierley Hill 41 Club Dinner

Friday 24th Sep:                    Conservative Ladies Lunch

Tuesday 12th October:          Hagley Ladies Tangent Lunch

Tuesday 12th October:          Investment Club

Monday 18th October:          Monday Club Dinner

Wednesday 20th October:   General Committee

Wednesday 27th October:    Kinver Rotary Club PP Dinner

Thursday 28th October:       Brierley Hill 41 Club Dinner

Wednesday 3rd November: General Committee

Friday 5th November:          Select-8-Lunch

Friday 5th November:          Kinver Rotary Whisky Tasting

Tuesday 9th November:       Hagley Ladies Tangent Lunch