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Dear Members,

With the current uncertainties of the COVID pandemic,  we are seeking the help of all members to reduce our costs.

We will continue to issue all alerts and newsletters electronically only.

However, we currently issue notifications for annual membership renewals and for the Annual General Meeting by post to ensure ALL members receive them. This incurs considerable cost of printing, collating and  posting - especially when we have sizeble documents such as the Annual Report.

So, we are asking your approval for us to send you,  in future, the AGM calling notices, Annual Reports and Membership Renewals by electronic means ONLY. This means you will need to check your emails - as we presume you already do - to view the documents we send you.

To help us, and to enable this facility, please click the opt-in below. It should take 2 minutes maximum. You will need to enter your name and email address and possibly  to prove you are not a robot by clicking images as requested. Then please click the submit button after validating the images to ensure you are registered.

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